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Irrigation System Maintenance

Little maintenance of the system is required except for fall winterization. The major components (controller, valves and sprinklers), should provide many years of trouble-free service. However, they can be replaced or in some cases repaired without major difficulty.

Over time (years), it may be necessary to move sprinkler heads because of growth of trees, shrubs, etc. Also in bedding areas, extensions may have to be placed to raise sprinklers above foliage. These changes can be made to your Superb Sprinkler system, usually with little difficulty.

The most common repair to the system involves damage to the pipes and valves during landscaping. If damage is done to the pipes, it can be easily repaired by your Superb Sprinkler Service technician.

Aerating your lawn?  Be sure to flag all sprinklers and valve boxes prior to aeration as the impact of the machine can damage sprinklers. Impact damage is not covered under warranty. 

Give us a Call: 204-488-0488                        "60 Years of Excellence"